Analytical Food Chemistry Lab

Images from the analytical food chemistry lab

No matter you are a startup or large company, Analytical Food Chemistry Lab at the Food Processing Center is able to provide you customized technical assistance on the chemical, physical, and functional evaluation of your food products or ingredients. Our services help you to well understand the characterization of your products for a successful business.

Food Chemical and Functional Evaluation

We evaluate various chemical compositions and functionalities of food products or ingredients, such as:

  • Food composition profile and molecular interactions
  • Flavor profile and correlation with sensory
  • Emulsion and gel properties of proteins
  • Hydrolyzation, carboxyl and carbonyl group contents of starches
  • Oxidation of lipids and the inhibition through a shelf-life study
  • Antioxidants and polyphenols of foods
  • Antimicrobial activities of natural preservatives
  • Amylase, glucosidase, pancreatic lipase inhibition assays
  • Customized health benefit study of bioactivity compounds

We help our clients to well understand how the chemicals and functionalities of ingredients affect the process, quality, sensory, nutrition, and shelf-life of food products. Based on that, we further help our clients to develop functional and value-added food products.

Food Physical Property Evaluation

We conduct a variety of physical property evaluation of food products (e.g., bread, meat, yogurt, plant-based food, pet food) and food ingredients (e.g., flour, protein, starch, seasoning, botanical extract, food additives), such as:

  • Texture (hardness, gumminess, springiness, cohesiveness, and tensile strength)
  • Minolta Color (L*a*b* value)
  • •Particle size distribution (Malvern - Master sizer)
  • Starch gelatinization (Brabender - Micro-Amylo-Graph - RVA/MVA)
  • Moisture (Moisture Analyzer)
  • Viscosity (Viscosity Meter)

We help our clients to well understand how these physical properties affect the process, quality, sensory, nutrition, and shelf-life of food products or food ingredients.

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