We couldn't have started our business without the help of the Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program at the University of Nebraska. I would recommend it to any one wanting to start a food manufacturing business.

Joyce Stoll
Oriental Secrets
Lincoln, NE


The Food Entrepreneur Assistance program was a valuable resource for me as I started my business. Experts were always available to answer questions and provide information on food manufacturing and current laws that regulate the food industry. The program was very helpful.

Zaundra Wimberley
Little Lamb Baby Foods Inc.
Detroit, MI


For years I dreamed of producing and marketing my Grandmother's pioneer recipe but had no idea how to get started. Fortunately I found the Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program at the University of Nebraska Food Processing Center. They guided me through each step and my dream came true. I am now marketing Pucker Smack -pickled vegetables in a sweet tangy mustard sauce.

Greg Paxton
Della Enterprises Inc
West Jordan, UT


Thanks to The Food Processing Center we have a great start to our business. We are very pleased with the continued help and support they have provided as we continue to grow our business.

Jamie Robidoux
Prairie Fine Foods
Lincoln, Nebraska

Launching a new line of processed foods can be an exciting and overwhelming endeavor as a budding entrepreneur with a few recipes and a lot of enthusiasm. After attending From Recipe to Reality, we were able to see the whole picture of where we were and where we wanted to be with our products. They took our hand and led us through the maze of regulations and requirements and out the other side with a product that we are proud to show to prospective buyers. We would highly recommend the UNL Entrepreneur Assistance Program to anyone with a desire to see their dream become a reality.

Mike & Renee Holen
Holen One Meat Marinades
Loomis, Nebraska


As a restaurant owner, we faced many difficulties opening our establishment. We made many mistakes simply because we were on our own. I am so glad we went through the program at UNL when we decided to bottle our barbecue sauce, because there is always someone to turn to who can point you in the right direction. Starting a new business is overwhelming and their assistance helps take much of the stress out of it and lets you enjoy what you are doing.

Cindy Monson
Monson Family Foods
Nebraska City, NE


This program gave me the necessary information needed to decide for myself whether to pursue my own food product line. If you decide to follow through the UNL Food Processing Center is always helpful at any stage in the process. The staff is always available for questions and their professional opinions. I would have probably never developed a product without them.

Chris Harrifeld
Kiehl & Stroh
Hastings, NE

As first time food entrepreneurs, my husband and I didn't know which direction to go in once we knew we wanted to bring our pickle to market. But thanks to the University of Nebraska's Food Processing Center, they made our dream come true in taking us through each step to bring our product to the shelf. They were very organized, professional and detail oriented and also very pleasant to work with. We had many questions as we went along and they were always just a phone call away . . . and always prompt! We cannot imagine this journey without the help of the Food Processing Center and credit them for where we are today.

Tammi Heuck
Spencer, Iowa

The national Food Entrepreneur Program was a valuable resource as we developed our food business. Knowledgeable staff guided us through all the steps of turning our ethnic frozen meal recipes into a business. Anyone thinking of starting a food business should take advantage of this excellent resource!

Adis Retta
Ethiopian Gourmet
Manassas, Virginia

As we went through the entrepreneur seminar and program and finished, we realized how much detailed information from the Food Processing Center staff had helped us. The Food Entrepreneur Program was a concise overview of all aspects of getting our new product out of the idea mode and into the reality of a store product. Working with the staff expertise, as we continually fine-tune different aspects of our products and begin the process of new product introduction, has been a tremendous benefit to our company. We are fortunate to have this program available in Nebraska.

James Gustafson
Lincoln, NE

On our own, the decisions we needed to make in starting our own business were overwhelming. The Food Entrepreneur Program guided us from the very beginning, clearly giving us the options we needed, and made what could have been a daunting process into something very attainable. We had access to the assistance we needed every step of the way, and we are thrilled with the results.

Becki Zanardi
Moody Girl Salsa
Columbus, NE

Trying to bring a home recipe to market is like being thrown to the lions, unless of course you have the good fortune to work with the University of Nebraska Food Processing Center in their Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program. We would still be floundering, not knowing what step to take next, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? The Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program took us from the starting line to the finish line in a logical and well planned manner and with outstanding results. We could not have done it without them.

Tim O'Dell
Chili Dawg's Foods of Fire
Blair, Nebraska

The food-handling and food industry education The Food Processing Center offers through its Recipe to Reality and Product to Profit courses is priceless. It was a crash-course in entering the world of professional food production and helped the cheesemakers at Farmstead First become more saavy business owners.

Krista Dittman
Farmstead First
Raymond, Nebraska


Building a successful business around a product developed at home is a classic American dream and the UNL entrepreneur program makes that dream possible for people like my wife and me. A tremendous amount of work went into this venture but surely we can't imagine getting this far without the help and knowledge gained from participating in the program at UNL. The program has had a tremendous influence on our business and continues to do so.

Ray Salinas
Lonesome Bull Inc.
Elkhorn, NE


The assistance that DeMars Foods received from the University of Nebraska was great! Their knowledge and expertise were valuable to us as we launched our product 'Meat Man's Marinade'. From the beginning they helped DeMars Foods with the steps necessaary to put 'Meat Man's Marinate' on the shelves. They guided us in our venture with suggestions for labeling, pricing, and marketing. They were with us from the beginning through our first two wholesalers shows.

Duane DeMars
DeMars Foods LLP
Williston, ND

Services provided by the Food Processing Center greatly helped us achieve our goal of starting a food manufacturing business. They provided invaluable consultation and resources throughout every step of business development.

Sonia Kistner
Kernal Krazy Popcorn
Tecumseh, Nebraska

When my window of opportunity opened I took the Recipe to Reality seminar and knew right then and there that The Food Processing Center was very knowledgeable and would be an incredible guide for me in my quest to bring my salsa to market. It is such a tried and true program, and it helped me every step of the way to do things thoroughly, correctly, and safely. The program kept me on the right road and I'm so grateful that it also helped me to avoid costly mistakes. At completion of the program I was able to order my first production and began selling my salsa the day after I took delivery! I cannot imagine starting a small business without the encouragement and expertise that is provided through this amazing program.

Cindi Weiss
Punkindoodle Foods
Lincoln, Nebraska