Food Properties Testing Service

No matter how you want to evaluate the textural properties of your pasta, or the particle size of your powdered drink, or even the functionality of your starch ingredients, the Food Processing Center is here for you. Our testing services help you ensure the right texture, the right mouth-feel, and the right performance for your products. We also provide customized testing services for your products and also expertise for product improvement.


Services Available

Spectral Analysis Beckman Coulter - DU 730 - UV/vis spectrophotometer
Thermo Scientific - Varioskan LUX - Microplate Reader
Agilent Technologies - 6890 Series - GC-FID
Agilent Technologies - 1100 Series - HPLC-UV
Horiba - Xplora-One - Raman spectroscopy (785nm)
AmScope - Micro-imaging system
Protein LECO - TruMacN - Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer
Thermo Scientific - Electrophoresis-Protein Analysis
Color MIN LTA - Color Meter
Moisture Mettler ToleDo - HB 43-S - Moisture Analyzer
Texture Texture Technology - TX-XT2 - Texture Analyzer
Brabender - Micro-Amylo-Graph - RVA/MVA
Particle Size Malvern - Aero S - Master sizer
Malvern - HYORO MV - Droplet sizer
Volume TexVol - BVM-L370 - Volume Analyzer
Mixture KitchenAid Mixer
Stephan Mixer
Silverson Mixer Homogenizers - L5M-A
Milling POLYMIX - PX - MFC 90D
VirTishear Grinder - HC 1000Y2
Centrifugation Eppendorf - Mini Spin Plus
Jouan - GR 20 22
Thermo Scientific - Legend XTR
Dehydration KNF Lab Rotary Evaporator - RC900
Isotemp Vacuum Oven Model 282A
VWR Scientific Vacuum Oven - Model 1410
BUCHI - Mini Spray Dryer - B-290
LABCONCO - FreeZone - Freeze Dryer
Distillation Essential Oil - Steam Distillation Kit - Apparatus

Other services (testing, process development, product development) also available,

Please contact:

Changmou Xu, Ph.D.


Research Assistant Professor

The Food Processing Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
251 Food Innovation center,

1901 N 21st Street, Lincoln, NE 68583-0930