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All internship positions are currently filled!


The goal of the undergraduate and graduate internship program is to offer opportunities for hands-on learning experience in The Food Processing Center's primary areas of expertise: microbiological testing, food product development, extrusion processing, dairy processing, product analysis, feasibility studies, and food product market analysis. In addition, this provides a training and review process for potential graduate students.

Who may apply

Any undergraduate or graduate student who is currently in an accredited program of study in the area of Food Science and Technology or related field may apply for an internship. This includes both domestic and international students. Preference will be given to students from institutions with whom The FPC has made prior arrangements for granting internships.


Undergraduate or graduate interns may be accepted into The Food Processing Center at any time throughout the year. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln calendar is divided into three periods: fall and spring semesters, and one summer period divided into four academic sessions. Ideally, the intern will work a minimum of three consecutive weeks during one of these three periods during the year.

Responsibilities of the Student

The students should find their own housing, either on campus (dormitory) or off campus (apartment, host family, etc.), be able to work 20 h/week, sign-up for one credit hour of independent study, and take all safety training required by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Student wages will be predetermined and paid for by The FPC, or by another means if the student is self-funded. International students should comply with all immigration requirements by contacting the UNL International Affairs office.

Responsibilities of the Mentor

The faculty mentor will outline the schedule and duties of the intern(s) for the duration of their stay. This could be in the form of a rotation (undergraduates) through the different FPC areas of expertise, or work performed on a specific research project (graduate students). The FPC staff in the technical and business units will assist the mentor in providing specialized training for the students.

How to apply

Interns should apply by contacting the FPC Director or the Coordinator of the Applied Research and Engineering (ARE) Unit and sending a short CV along with their expectations. In addition, any faculty member of the ARE unit may agree to host an intern through the various opportunities that are available to them.


Interns should exit with a greater understanding of microbiological testing, pilot plant unit operations, and food product development. Their experience is measured in the form of a written paper, a presentation, and/or a formal review by the staff at the end of their internship.


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