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Craft your story with the end in mind. What is it you want the audience to understand? How will your story help them understand and appreciate the value of Nebraska Extension? EXAMPLE: One of Nebraska Extension’s priorities is rural vitality—and one aspect of rural vitality is fostering entrepreneurs in rural communities. With a local presence in all 93 Nebraska counties, Nebraska Extension is uniquely positioned to recognize opportunities to help entrepreneurs—and engage with them to provide the information, resources and connections they need to succeed. OPENING PREMISE
Describe the main character. Help your audience picture this person. Humans connect with humans. Build empathy. Strike an emotional chord. EXAMPLE: I’d like to tell you about one entrepreneur….his name is Gary and he lives in Wauneta. He’s in his mid-40s. He graduated from the local high school. He has two kids and his wife works at the local co-op. Etc. MAIN CHARACTER
Define the challenge or conflict. What was this person’s specific situation, challenge or opportunity? How does this person represent the premise in your opening? EXAMPLE: Gary was furloughed from his welding job at the local implement dealer. And he was scared. He didn’t know when he might get back on the payroll…if at all. And frankly, there simply weren’t that many job opportunities available to him without leaving his hometown. Etc. CONFLICT/CHALLENGE