A message regarding hand sanitizer production and FPC services from FPC Executive Director, Terry Howell


A facility is eligible for modified requirements if it either:

-Is a very small business  defined as less than $1 million in annual sales of human food (based on previous 3 years) OR

-Has less than $500,000 in annual gross sales (adjusted for inflation) over a previous three year period AND sells the majority of the food directly to a qualified user (i.e. a consumer, or a restaurant or retail food establishment (e.g. grocery store) that is located in the same state as the facility or not more than 275 miles from the facility).

Those facilities that qualify for the above exemption do not need to take the FSPCA workshop.  HOWEVER, qualified facilities MUST submit a form every two years beginning December 2018. 


Due Date

Document status as qualified facility

(records of sales)

By July 1 of each calendar year

Initial submission of attestation for those

In business before September 17, 2018.

Form 3042a by December 17, 2018


Initial submission of attestation for those

In business after September 17, 2018


Attestation submitted every 2 years by qualified facility

Starting 2020, from October 1 to December 31


Must also comply with all state and local food safety regulations.