The Science of Safe Food

Special Processes for Food Service
October 16, 2017
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM CST


The course will focus on the microbiology of various forms of food processing at retail, specific concerns for each process, and necessary controls for the hazards associated with these foods. Particular emphasis will be placed on sous vide, cook/chill, acidification to prolong shelf life, and sanitation in retail settings. The course will include practical evaluation of various food processes including hands on activities and demonstrations. The workshop combines lectures and demonstrations by experts in food safety and regulations. We encourage you to bring your questions.


Managers of food establishments (retail and food service settings) where these special forms of processing are performed on-site.


• Basic microbiology
• Sous vide
• Cook/chill
• Acidification for shelf life extension
• Sanitation

All topics subject to change.


Upon completion participants will be able to:
• Recognize special processes at retail
• Identify hazards associated with these special processes
• Identify control measures to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the hazards


Dr. Andreia Bianchini
Associate Professor
Food Science & Technology Department
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ben Davy, MPH, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist
Lincoln Lancaster County
Health Department

Dr. Jayne Stratton
Research Associate Professor
The Food Processing Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

All speakers subject to change.

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The 3.5 hour workshop including all materials, break refreshments, and registration is free.
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Registration Deadline is October 1st