Labeling & Regulatory Compliance

Nutritional Label

Food packaging must conform to rigorous requirements. Understanding FDA and USDA labeling regulations can be a daunting task for any company. By utilizing our expertise, your company can save time and avoid costly mistakes as a result of improperly labeled food products.

Label Review

The Food Processing Center can review and provide direction on regulated elements. Regulations are precise and our Label Experts can assist you in reviewing and preparing each element on your product label.

  • Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Ingredient Statement & Allergen Declaration
  • Nutritional Claims
  • Statement of Identity
  • Net Contents Statement
  • Type Size and Placement Requirements

Nutrition Facts Panel

 Whether an FDA or USDA food product or foodservice menu item, our Label Experts provide official method chemical analysis and high standard calculation analysis from our extensive database.

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Database
  • Appropriate Format Selection

Ingredient Statement & Allergen Declaration

Don't give away more information than is required by allowing our Label Experts to develop the statement for your product.

  • Concise Order of Predominance
  • Allergen Identification

Nutrition Claims

Claims are only allowed under precise circumstances. Our Label Experts can help you determine which claims are allowable for your products.

  • Claim Acceptability
  • Appropriate Phrasing


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