FIC facility

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Be sure to also review our Visitor page for information on transportation and ammenities.

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Required FPC Good Manufacturing Practices for Working in the Facility

By following the identified Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, we can assure our customers that only quality products are being distributed from our location:

• The UNL Pilot Plant commonly uses the following allergens: Dairy, Egg, Peanuts and Peanut Butter, Tree Nuts (Coconut, Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Cashews), Wheat, and Soy

• Employees/visitors exhibiting any visible signs of illness should not enter the food handling or processing areas.

• All hair shall be covered; this includes facial hair, mustaches, beards, side burns, etc.

• Employees/visitors entering GMP or production areas adhere to plant Personal Protective Equipment guidelines:

o Hair Net (must completely enclose hair)

o Beard Net if Applicable (must completely enclose hair)

o Closed Toe Shoes (No open toed, high heeled, or open back shoes permitted)

• Attire shall be long pants and shirts with sleeves. Pants shall not contain any rips, holes or tears nor any decoration that could pose a potential foreign material risk. No skirts, shorts or capris in GMP areas. Company provided blue or white smocks shall be worn in the designated areas of the plant. Smocks shall be removed before using the rest room. Smocks shall not be worn outside. Neckties are to be tucked inside shirts.

• There is a designated area for personal belongings, and they should not be taken into the production areas without Supervisor approval.

• No jewelry (to include facial piercings) or wristwatches shall be worn in GMP areas. Plain wedding bands are allowed. An exception may be made for medical alert tags.

• Glass and brittle plastics are only allowed in designated areas. For details please see Glass and Brittle Plastics Program.

• Employees/visitors entering production areas must wash their hands prior to entry.

• Food or food contact surfaces shall not be touched without wearing a company-issued disposable glove.

• Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

• No eating, drinking, cough drops, gum chewing, or tobacco products allowed in GMP areas.

• No items shall be stored in upper pockets above the waist where they may fall into the product. Pens shall not be tucked into shirts.

• All doors shall remain closed at all times when not in use.

I have read and acknowledge the FPC's Good Manufacturing Practices Required
Required Practices for touring the facility

Personal Protective Equipment – During your plant walk-thru, you may be required to wear some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as some required apparel. The PPE that you will be required to wear will initially be based on the location you are visiting and the Plant Host’s hazard assessment of the areas to be visited. You are also required to wear a hairnet and if you have a beard, mustache or one day’s growth or more, you are required to wear a beard net. If you are wearing any jewelry such as watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc., you must take it all off and place it in a pocket below your waist to minimize safety and food safety concerns. Plain wedding bands with no stones are permitted.

Chemicals in the Plant – This facility uses multiple chemicals on a daily basis. Safety Data Sheets can be provided upon request. Most of the chemicals are used by the maintenance department and sanitation crew. On your tour, you might see some of these and other chemicals. If you do, do not touch the chemical or container to avoid any possible injury.

Machine Safety – During your tour, you will walk by a multitude of different machinery. You are asked to keep your hands at your sides at all times and please remember to refrain from placing your hands in your pockets as you may walk through some slippery floor areas. Never place your fingers or hands into any piece of equipment no matter how safe you feel it is at the time.

Forklift Traffic – There could be forklift traffic in some areas of the plant. Drivers will honk the forklift horn when going through doorways, around corners and in reverse. It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid accidents with the forklifts. Please note: Just because you can see a forklift, it does not mean the driver can see you.

Fire Alarm/Tornado Warning – Please follow emergency procedures provided by host.

I acknowledge and agree with the required practices Required