Science of Safe Food: Food Safety for Farmer's Markets


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Safety for Farmer's Markets
March 23, 2018
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST


The course will focus on food safety related to Farmer’s Market products and necessary controls for the microbiological hazards associated with these foods. Particular emphasis will be placed on low water activity foods such as baked goods and jellies, acid and low acid foods, and sanitation. A special presentation on mushrooms and mushroom safety will be included. Hands on activities and demonstrations will complement the lecture portion of the workshop.


Those involved in Farmer’s Markets such as managers and vendors.


• Basic microbiology and sanitation
• Low acid foods
• Water activity controlled foods
• Acidification for shelf life extension
• Mushroom Safety

All topics subject to change.


Upon completion participants will be able to:
• Identify control measures to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the hazards
• Understand when regulations apply to different types of foods
• Identify hazards associated with the Farmer’s Market environment


Dr. Andreia Bianchini
Associate Professor
Food Science & Technology Department
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ben Davy, MPH, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist
Lincoln Lancaster County
Health Department

Dr. Jayne Stratton
Research Associate Professor
The Food Processing Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Heather Hallen-Adams
Assistant Professor of Practice
Food Science and Technology Department
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

All speakers subject to change.

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