Product & Process Development

Product and Process Development

The Food Processing Center provides innovative formulation and process development for a wide range of food products. Our expertise and knowledge allow you to quickly introduce new products to the rapidly changing marketplace.

Creative Concept & Prototype Development

This critical step in the development includes brainstorming session and an emphasis on "thinking outside the box" to generate innovative food concepts. After selecting a promising concept, we create bench-top formulations for consumer testing and scale-up.

Ingredient Application & Substitution

The Food Processing Center provides in-depth knowledge of ingredient functionality and interactions. We can help you develop the optimum formulation of a new food product, reformulate an existing product, identify new ingredient uses and evaluate new ingredients and suppliers.

Line Extensions

Our product development team is ready to offer fresh ideas to renew interest in established food products. With creativity and experience, we efficiently build on your past successful products to expand your markets and product lines.

Product & Process Scale-Up

The Food Processing Center can offer scale-up assistance in our facility or at another site to:

  • Produce prototype standards that can be used for comparison samples when in full-scale production.
  • Solve issues in a smaller dimension to save you time and money.