Since the Fall of 2008, The Food Processing Center's ongoing process of improvement has been aided by an advisory board composed of world class professionals from across the food industry. The FPC Advisory Board was founded with the intention of providing external guidance for The FPC and increasing market awareness of the facility.

The board is interested in bringing an innovative and focused approach to issues which have real impact on Nebraska and the nation. Through the boards involvement, clients can be assured The FPC is concerned over the needs of the industry and responsive to Nebraska's value-added agriculture businesses.

Current Advisory Board members

Stan Garbacz (Nebraska Department of Agriculture)
Ricardo Gonzalez (ConAgra)
Clodualdo Maningat (MGP Ingredients Inc.)
Michael Messineo (Valentino's)
Micah Kohles (Oxbow Pet Products)
Suji Park (Suji's Cuisine USA)
Sam Rao (Svenka Consulting, LLC)
Kenny Soejoto (American Laboratories, Inc.)
Rick Williams (Williams 2 Consulting.)