Without sensory analysis, your company may use valuable resources developing a product that misses the objective. Sensory evaluation is one of the tools that businesses use to understand their target market, define product concepts, streamline formulation development, substitute ingredients, resolve quality issues and ensure long shelf life. Characterization of the appearance, aroma, flavor, and texture of your food product is critical for setting performance standards and evaluating progress.

The Food Processing Center offers a full range of sensory analysis and consulting services and can design sensory analysis studies to enable you to better understand, determine and target your market. All sensory evaluation projects provide the client with a final report which includes the statistical output of test results and interpretation /recommendations on how this information can empower your company.

Informal Testing

Receive valuable feedback from experienced sensory
analysts in The Food Processing Center

Consumer Testing

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Paired Comparison
  • Ranking
  • Difference Testing
  • Du-Trio
  • Triangle
  • Preference Testing
  • Hedonic Scales
  • Attribute Rating Scale

Sensory Facilities

The sensory facility includes a sample preparation area for all types of foods and preparation methods. An adjoining room provides individual booths for consumer panels and a dedicated area for trained panels.

For more information contact:

Julie Reiling
Product Development & Sensory Consultant
The Food Processing Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Phone: 402-472-2529