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Various student positions at the Food Processing Center

J.M. Lewis

The UNL Food Processing Center is seeking UNL students studying Food Science, Biological Systems Engineering, Mechanized Systems Management, Culinology, or related degrees to join our staff for one-of-a-kind experiential learning opportunities. 

The FPC will be hiring a cohort of up to 8 students to work across its services; focusing on the Dairy Plant (relocating to the Nebraska Innovation Campus), pilot plants, product development, and sensory science services. The team will be cross-trained in all areas and deployed on key projects across the Center. Work examples include:

  • Producing ice cream for the UNL Dairy Plant
  • Assisting client companies in our pilot plants on special projects
  • Assisting our sensory scientist in conducting projects for clients in our state-of-the-art sensory lab
  • Working with our product development scientists to formulate new products for clients
  • Producing cheese for the UNL Dairy Plant
  • Formulating products to be produced in the pilot plant and served in campus dining halls
  • Assisting small manufacturers in running their product or leading their production efforts in our pilot plant
  • Writing food safety plans, conducting quality control, and completing other support tasks relevant to the food industry

This opportunity will provide critical hands-on opportunities for any student interested in working in the food industry (or any consumer products industry). FPC staff will work to ensure these student workers gain progressively more valuable skills throughout their time with the FPC and are ready to excel in their first jobs after graduation. The cohort will be exposed to all areas of the FPC, and as skills are acquired, the students will be allowed to focus in areas of interest to build their resume and portfolio of skills. Students will be able to network with key industry leaders as they assist FPC staff on industry-contracted work. Summer/semester internships may also be available once a student has demonstrated aptitudes for our projects.

Who are we looking to recruit?

  • First-Third year students in FDST, BSE, MSM, other engineering majors, Culinology, and related majors
  • Must be willing to work minimum of 8 hrs/week in 2-hour blocks (prefer 10 hours)
  • Students interested in pursuing jobs in the food industry and looking for hands on experience.
  • What do the students get?
  • Competitive wage
  • Progressively more challenging experiences
  • •Opportunities to work on real-world projects
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to employment references
  • Training and development (organized professional opportunities for growth)

To Apply

FPC Student Worker Application (Word 14k)
Please send your completed form to