Line Extension

Incorporate market trends and customer demands into your products with line extensions to: 

  • Renew interest of the consumer through enhancements
  • Extend the life cycle of the product
  • Lead clients toward new trend opportunities
  • Eliminate meager sales due to seasonal product recognition
  • Develop Private Label program
  • Match products for targeted nutritional needs

Line extension development requires an understanding of current food market trends as well as implementation of these trends into the development of a line extension product that will renew interest and extend the life cycle of the product.  Working with The Food Processing Center can lead your initial product success toward continued growth for your product line. Our staff are always ready to offer fresh ideas to renew interest in established food products.

We have full product development and pilot plant capabilities allowing us to produce prototype products that fit your line extension needs. With help from our marketing staff, we can provide you with marketing research to evaluate opportunities in the market for your product line.